Testing Wilwoods Performance Braking System for 2011:2013 Mustangs

Posted March 18, 2015


This exciting video highlights Wilwood Brakes’ performance braking system for 2011-2013 Mustangs. After baseline high-speed braking tests (performed by Nick Licata), representatives from Wilwood joined us at the Tech Center in El Segundo, California, to provide details on the components that make up the new system (Superlite front and Dynalite rear brakes - which are incorporated inStrange Engineering’s new, 9-inch Street Floater rearend housing), and install the parts on a 2012 Mustang GT test vehicle. In addition to insights from the professionals on how the upgrades will improve a ‘Stang’s braking performance, the coverage also features cool animation that offers viewers a 3D graphic breakdown of the brakes’ makeup, and a more-detailed understanding of the way they improve today’s 5.0 Mustangs. After the installation, the crew returned to the track for additional video coverage, which highlights the upgraded Pony’s follow-up tests, and comments from Nick on the before-and-after differences