Jim Smart
May 12, 2011

We’ve got some exciting news from Classic Auto Air. The longtime vintage Mustang air-conditioning experts now offer a true climate control system for ’65-73 Mustangs. It doesn’t clutter the dashboard, transmission tunnel, or foot well area. Best of all, CAA’s new Perfect Fit climate control system delivers air-conditioned comfort in summer and warm feet in winter.

As its name implies, Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit climate control system goes behind the ’65-’73 Mustang dashboard and glides right into place for a snug installation hidden from view. Not a one-size-fits-all system, the CAA unit is designed specifically for classic Mustangs, replacing the factory behind-dash heater/defroster assembly and operating like a late-model climate control system to provide heating, air conditioning, and defrosting via the factory heating controls.

When you contact Classic Auto Air for a Perfect Fit system, chat with the representative about what you’d like your system to do and how you’d like it to look. For this article, we’re installing a ’65-’66 CAA Perfect Fit system into our Project Reclaim ’65 Mustang fastback from Mustangs Plus and The Restomod Shop.

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