Jim Smart
March 25, 2011

For three decades, Mustangs Plus has made it easy and affordable to dress up a classic Mustang because restomod has always been a matter of policy at the Stockton, California, company. The latest example is the new aluminum billet grilles for '65-'68 Mustangs. You can get into a billet aluminum grille for under $150 and get all kinds of positive attention when cruising.

Project Reclaim is heading down the home stretch of a long build project with mostly cosmetic issues yet to go, not to mention lots of pesky details. We're going to install one of these new billet aluminum grilles and show you the best approach for getting there. Richard Bramlett of The Restomod Shop is best known for his attention to detail. From Richard, we learn that a lot of forethought must be given to any project you undertake, including the installation of accessories. Because the billet aluminum grille is a custom accessory, plenty of advanced thought needs to go into its installation.

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