Jim Smart
November 22, 2010

Painless Performance offers enthusiasts a wide variety of electrical system options, ranging from entire electrical systems to supplementary add-ons like fuse boxes, circuit breakers, and junction blocks. You can also look to Painless for starters and alternators, fuel injection harnesses, and cool PowerBraid wire wrap, a great-looking antichafe wire protection system designed to both protect wiring and enhance your Mustang's underhood appearance. We decided to order a couple of PowerBraid wire wrap kits for a '66 Mustang project car and Project Reclaim at Mustangs Plus.

Each PowerBraid wire wrap kit includes 10 feet of 1/8-inch wrap, 60 feet of 1/4-inch, 30 feet of 1/2-inch, six feet of 1-inch, heat shrink tubing, 140 cable ties, and a roll of stretch and seal tape. A single kit enables you to outfit one Mustang engine compartment. Two kits will allow you to do an entire car if you're prudent about how you use the components.

Because PowerBraid is heat resistant and durable, it stands up to just about anything. Wiring and hoses tuck neatly inside. And thanks to a 25-percent edge overlap along a lateral split, PowerBraid will not work loose no matter how much you try to stuff in there. You can use your Mustang's plastic wire retention loops, nylon clamps, and even twist ties to secure wiring wrapped in PowerBraid.

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