Jim Smart
November 5, 2010

In the early 1980s, we were grateful for reproduction seat upholstery kits of any kind for our '65-'73 Mustangs. As time passed, more and more colors and styles became available from the Mustang aftermarket. Over time, quality has only improved along with fit and finish. Few aftermarket companies have tried any harder to get it right and offer more options than TMI Products.

When Ron Bramlett and Bill Faull of Mustangs Plus contacted TMI's Dean Satterfield about seat upholstery for our Project Reclaim, they had a definite vision. They wanted it as distinctive as Reclaim is. And they wanted the comfort and good looks of TMI's Sports Seat. So they opted for the familiar '65-'66 Interior Décor Group ("Pony" interior) pattern without the galloping horses.

Dean came up with the pattern, made from simulated leather in medium gray with a blue carbon-fiber inset with the Project Reclaim logo stitched in the vinyl seatback. Then he enlisted the expertise of TMI's Esteben Orodonez and Carlos Aguilar to get the job done. Did you know TMI can do this for you as well? All you have to do is visit your favorite TMI Products dealer, including Mustangs Plus, and tell them what you'd like. Then let TMI Products make your dreams happen.

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