Jim Smart
October 5, 2010

Project Reclaim from Mustangs Plus and The Restomod Shop has been progressing quietly for the past few months on its way to completion this fall. The engine and transmission have been installed. Soon to come are windows and the interior. Right now, we're going to show you how to install a headliner using Reclaim as an example.

For years, we have been limited to the Mustang's original moonskin headliner along with factory colors. However, TMI Products has changed all that with colors and materials that will make your Mustang as distinctive as your individual desires. TMI Products now offers a simulated leather material (vinyl) designed to add richness to a classic Mustang interior. For Project Reclaim, we've decided to go with a cool Graphite Gray to match the rest of the interior. Custom Sports Seats from TMI Products will follow.

Headliner installation requires patience and perseverance. However, you can do it in your home garage using scissors, a razor knife, heat gun or hair dryer, 3M Trim Adhesive, and roughly six feet of wind lace. Headliner installation mandates windshield and rear window removal, so count on purchasing new windshield and backlite gaskets along with the appropriate flexible sealer.

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