Jim Smart
March 8, 2010

One thing is certain about Halogen tri-bar headlamps-Mustang owners are either passionate about them or they don't like them at all. Rarely will you find middle ground on this trend-setting Mustang accessory. Whatever your position, you can't beat tri-bar headlamps for bright light and good looks.

Tri-bar headlights are not new. They've been available from Mustangs Plus for a long time. However, today they're offered with integral amber parking lamps blended neatly into the six o'clock position along with interchangeable color jewels mid-lamp in a variety of colors. Because these are original equipment-type Halogen lamps, they don't use more power so they don't require special wiring or a high-amp charging system. Thanks to carefully thought out optics, they light the road well under the worst conditions.

Tri-bar headlamps require minor modifications to fit classic Mustangs. However, these modifications can be performed in your workshop in a matter of minutes for each lamp. We're installing a set of the #14765 tri-bar headlamps in Project Reclaim from Mustangs Plus and The Restomod Shop. Priced at just $74.95 each, plus shipping, they're a nice asset for your classic Mustang.

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