November 7, 2006

We don't see a lot of late-model Fords come through the YO Club. Most young owners are just starting out and have a hand-me-down vehicle or saved up as much as they could and bought an older Ford outright so they wouldn't have payments. But every once in a while, a late-model pops up. In this case, it is Jeremy Ruszala of Clinton Township, Michigan, and his '06 Mustang GT.

Jeremy tells us, "After a nearly nine-month wait, I finally took delivery of my '06 Mustang GT in March 2006. It is fully loaded, with the exception of the upgraded sound system. It is likely to stay completely stock for now, but I am looking to add a set of stripes, louvers on the quarter-windows, and a cold-air kit. I eventually plan to add a supercharger once the warranty is up." A recent graduate of the University of Michigan at 24, Jeremy's currently working as an automotive engineer. He says he plans to keep his silver GT for many years.

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