November 11, 2006

Brandon Fulk of Tipton, Indiana, was happy to find out he had won this month's contest and was able to verify his information for us in time.

Brandon has owned his '69 Grande for a little less than a year. When he first stumbled upon the car, it wasn't running. After dragging it home, he installed an Edelbrock intake, a Holley four-barrel, new plugs and wires, and got it running. He completely rebuilt the brakes and is currently chasing down wiring problems courtesy of some nesting mice. But even with all these repairs, he hasn't wasted any time in enjoying his first ride to its fullest, using the 302-powered Grande for daily transportation to and from school, soccer games, and other activities. Now he's got an even bigger reason to grin: a YO Club $400 gift certificate burning a hole in his pocket.

For being this month's YO Club winner, Brandon will receive a $400 gift certificate from Mustangs Plus, which has been supplying and developing parts for Mustangs for close to 25 years. While restoration has always been a part of the company's focus, over the years Mustangs Plus has evolved into a one-stop restoration and performance shop, offering parts for street Mustangs, both restored and Restomod, as well as road-racing machines. In fact, Mustangs Plus bills itself as "Restomod Headquarters," with a well-stocked line of fiberglass body panels (including Eleanor conversions), sound systems, power windows, steering wheels, tilt columns, EFI and five-speed conversion kits, rack-and-pinion steering, and aftermarket wheels.

For your copy of the company's latest catalog, contact Mustangs Plus, Dept. MF, 2353 N. Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205; (800) 999-4289; or online at