Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 1, 2004
Just like I remember. Adding a console to your '65-'66 Mustang isn't difficult, but can be expensive. Just like your project car, you'll have less to repair or replace if you start off with a good console in the first place.

Our Project '66 is now running and getting some much-deserved break-in miles, but a few items remain: the Mustang's options. Since the soul of this project has been to replicate a previously owned Mustang, we want to add the same options that were on the original car. We added power steering, Deluxe interior options, and wanted to add a console like the one on the original, but didn't have one to restore.

We found an original console in restorable condition from Alan Shepley at Mustang Central, but you might find one in the Mustang Times classifieds or on eBay. The plastic base was in near perfect condition, but the console needed just about everything. One of National Parts Depot's newest reproduction parts is the '65-'66 console metal top plate and shifter plate. While our original car used a long-style console, our project car is fitted with Classic Auto Air's concours underdash A/C system (to be shown in a future issue), so we'll install a short console instead. According to NPD, the long console glovebox door will be reproduced soon.

Once our parts arrived from NPD, we got busy with disassembly, cleaning, painting, and reassembly of the console in time for the MCA 40th Anniversary show in Nashville held earlier this year.

Comfortable Cruising
We look forward to taking the '66 out for a weekend cruise night or a trip to the ice cream shop. On these jaunts it's nice to have extra storage for modern-day conveniences (garage-door opener, cell phone, etc.). The Saddle, Cruiser, and Humphugger accessory consoles available from NPD are perfect. If you have a factory console, the Saddle rests snuggly over your factory console. If you don't have a factory console, the Humphugger is designed to sit directly on the transmission hump. Either model is available in the Cruiser option, which is a full-length-style console with coin tray, cell-phone holder, and deeper cup holders. They are available in all stock interior colors, and are easily removed for show duty.