Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 1, 2004

Project '66 Editorial Archive
All articles pertaining to the restoration, upgrades, and additions to our '66 hardtop project can be found in the following issues.


Aug. 1999Pg. 71Evaluation of Project
Feb. 2000Pg. 30Deluxe Upholstery Upgrade
Feb. 2000Pg. 34Rear Framerail/Trunk-Floor Repair
Mar. 2000Pg. 35Torque-Box Upgrade
Apr. 2000Pg. 74Core Support Replacement
June 2000Pg. 34Deluxe Steering-Wheel Restoration
July 2000Pg. 38V-8 Front-Suspension Conversion
Sept. 2000Pg. 408-inch Axle Buildup
Oct. 2000Pg. 32V-8 Rear-Suspension Conversion
Jan. 2001Pg. 39Automatic Shifter Rebuild
Feb. 2001Pg. 56Quarter-Panel Replacement
Mar. 2001Pg. 31Cowl-Panel Replacement
Mar. 2001Pg. 42Front-Brake Rebuild and Detailing
Apr. 2001Pg. 36Taillight-Panel Replacement
May 2001Pg. 62Prep and Paint Application
June 2001Pg. 40Headliner Installation
July 2001Pg. 82Engine-Compartment Detailing
Aug. 2001Pg. 35Heater-Case Rebuild
Sept. 2001Pg. 44Five-Dial Dash-Cluster Restoration
Oct. 2001Pg. 30Dash Restoration
Nov. 2001Pg. 39Custom Autosound Stereo Installation
Dec. 2001Pg. 76Side-Glass/Door-Panel Installation
Feb. 2002Pg. 30Trunk Detailing
Mar. 2002Pg. 40C4 Transmission Buildup
Feb. 2004Pg. 34Power-Steering Conversion
Mar. 2004Pg. 27289 Engine Rebuild, Part 1
Apr. 2004Pg. 27289 Engine Rebuild, Part 2
May 2004Pg. 27289 Engine Detailing
May 2004Pg. 56N.O.S. Warning-Light Upgrades
Sept. 2004Pg. 26Drivetrain Install
Nov. 2004Pg. 32Console Restoration
Apr. 2005Pg. 32Concours A/C Install
Jun. 2005Pg. 38Rally Pac Install

One-Millionth Anniversary
To shed more light on the Anniversary Gold Mustangs, we've reprinted the section from the Mustang Production Guide, Volume 1, by Jim Smart and Jim Haskell:

Despite all the hype at Ford over the One Millionth Anniversary in March of 1966, In Search of Mustangs has unearthed just two of the special, limited-edition 1966 Mustangs that commemorate that anniversary. According to legend, and articles that have appeared in various magazines, each Ford Division sales district received one of the One Millionth Anniversary Mustangs. Each Mustang was a hardtop coupe, clad in Anniversary Gold (no color code), and with a six-digit DSO code.

It has been a long time since anyone submitted an Anniversary Gold 1966 Mustang to In Search of Mustangs. Paul Moore of Mesa, Arizona, submitted the first, 6R08C177412, with a scheduled assembly date code of 29C, and a DSO code of 331111. Not long after that we heard from Keith Howarth of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Keith's Anniversary Gold hardtop, 6R07C177427, also sported a date code of 29C and a DSO code of 331111.

It is apparent to us that the Anniversary Gold Mustangs were all assembled at San Jose in one lot, with less than 50 units going to Ford Division sales districts across North America. It's a good guess that all of the Anniversary Gold hardtops were identically equipped. We're unable to ascertain the exact number, nor can we say with certainty that all the DSO codes were 331111. We have to wonder if these hardtops were the product of some sort of dealer sales competition, like the '64 1/2 Indy Pace Car coupes.