Jeff Ford
September 1, 2002

Those of you not new to the mag no doubt know about the rust-free condition, and the NOS quarter-panel install, as well as the Medium Bright Yellow paint applied by good friend Jeff Thompson while the Mach was at Michael's Autobody in Winter Haven, Florida. The one true deviation from stock on the outside is the blacked-out hood. Although we are certain that almost all '72 Mach 1s without the 351 2V and ram air just got body color, we had to break up all that yellow. The black-out was the best way. Besides, we can go back now and redo the base color if we want to. Which we don't.

The undercarriage is detailed as close to factory as I could get it. It was Army OD Green Number Seven originally, so that's the color we painted it again-even though the MCA books state that the "correct" color is either Black, Gray, or Red Iron Oxide. The exhaust is custom with turbo mufflers and was bent by The Muffler and Exhaust Center. Although it isn't stock the note is really sweet and the system flows well.

What we tried to go for on the lead shots was a sales brochure look. Aided by Tammy Zafra, we did pretty well. Wanna know what's really funny? When I bought the Mach 1, I wasn't all that crazy about yellow, even though the first Mach I ever saw and fell in love with was this color. But you know what? I think that after dealing with the car for so long, I'm finally turning yellow.

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There are so many people to thank that we have to do it in a source box. But there are folks that were there at the time of assembly. Here are the ones that helped me to get the Mach 1 done:

Bob "The Big Kahuna" Myhrer Assembly
Dana "The Cheater" Cheatum Assembly
Kent "The Local Parts Guru" Hatchett NOS Parts
Bob Perkins NOS Parts
Michael Peramski Paint and detail
Jeff Thompson Paint
Carla Ford Moral support
Tammy Zafra Model

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