Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2001

The interior of a Mustang is where everyone spends his or her hard-earned money. And why not? When you're sitting at a stoplight, what else do you see besides the hood and a chunk of decklid through the rearview mirror? You have to stare at the interior every time you climb aboard your Steed. No one wants to look at the peeling chrome of a dash bezel or the cloudy lens covering your instruments. No, you want the interior to look as nice as the day it came off the showroom floor, no exceptions. Right?

We feel the same way, even though we're covering a complete restoration. When it came time to refinish the interior of our '66 hardtop, we pulled the drain plug on the budget and replaced everything we could get our hands on. Remember, we were also dealing with an interior color change and an upgrade to the Interior Decor Group offerings, thus many items would need replacing with the correct color or mechanical differences.

We looked in the Virginia Classic Mustang catalog for most of our interior items with a few select specialty pieces coming straight from its manufacturers. This month, we'll focus strictly on the dash area and what it took to get it looking like "day one" for us. In the next few issues, we'll also cover the rest of the interior as well as the trunk and exterior detailing, which will lead us into the final phase of the restoration-the drivetrain. Check it out.