Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 1, 2001
New vent-window frames came from Mustangs Unlimited, while the rubber parts and glass run came from CJ Pony Parts, who supplied all of our soft trim items for our Project '66. We had Merv Rego of Classic Creations of Central Florida give us a hand with our project, since there are a few tough spots to get through.

As many parts that are reproduced for the '65-'66 Mustangs, there will always be some part that needs to be reproduced. We recently received the newly repopped '66 standard interior glovebox door, and I'm sure we could make quite a list of items we still want, but it could be worse. Just ask anyone restoring a '71-'73 Mustang or any Mustang II! A few years back, we lucky '65-'66 owners got a bit luckier when KS Reproduction came out with its replacement vent-window frame assemblies. These much-heralded pieces had a small teething problem when first produced but have since been given the green light as a quality part.

Our Project '66 had the typical vent-window frame wear: corrosion, pitting, peeling chrome, and two or three bad paint jobs (I guess they used cheap masking tape with the cheap paint job). With our hardtop painted ("How To Prep and Paint Your Mustang," May '01, page 62), it was time to start filling our door shells back up with glass, regulators, and other items. Before we could do that, of course, we had to install the vent-window frame assemblies. There was no way these unsightly-looking original frames would ever do in the grand scheme of our restoration. A perfect paint job with all-new exterior chrome would be ruined by the ugliness of the original frames. We put a call in to Mustangs Unlimited for a set of these reproduction vent-window frames for Project '66. Follow along as we make our vent windows look worthy of the car they'll be installed on.

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