Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 1, 2000
Our '66 engine compartment is ready for our 289 V-8 transplant that will be ready in a few short months. The Paddock's catalog has everything you need to make your vintage Mustang's engine bay a show winner like this.

Our '66 hardtop has come quite a ways from 1999 when we picked up the rusted body and headed back to the Mustang Monthly shop with nothing more than a basic outline of a project in our heads. Now that our paint and bodywork are completed, the easy (or somewhat easy) road to completion is upon us.

Many restorations require time and patience to find just the right part or to clean and refinish an original part from the project. This project differed, in that many of the original items would not be used because we were going to transform this hardtop into something it never was. Converting to a V-8 drivetrain, Interior Decor option, power brakes, and power steering, among other things, meant many new parts would be needed. While this puts a strain on the purse strings, it saves much time and money in not having to refurbish most of the original parts.

We are assembling and detailing our hardtop's engine compartment this month, and this particular part of the project is a perfect example of what we are discussing. Since most of the six-cylinder wiring, brake lines, motor mounts, pedal linkage, and more, differ from the six to the V-8, these items will all need to be replaced with the correct V-8 versions. We procured all of our reproduction items from The Paddock to convert our engine compartment to V-8-ready specs and detail it at the same time.