Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 1, 2001

Long before we started this project, I knew that my old '66 hardtop had a special order paint color on it. Through the detective work of Jim Smart and Jim Haskell's Mustang Production Guide, Volume 1, we learned of the 1 Millionth Anniversary Mustangs that were built to commemorate the anniversary of this sales number. See pages 64-65 of the Mustang Recognition Guide for a photo we think is a PR shot of these models. Legend has it that these cars, all well-equipped hardtops, were built in the San Jose plant in March 1966. While the legend states that only 50 cars were built, we believe that the number was actually in the several hundreds. The documented car in the Mustang Production Guide, with a consecutive unit number of 177412 and build date of 29C (March 29) is identical to my original hardtop with a consecutive unit number of 177724. My car was also built on 29C in San Jose and came with a blank paint code (thank goodness the original door tag was still on the car when I bought it).

Fast forward to 1999. I purchase this hardtop that is on the brink of extinction as a project car for Mustang Monthly. I immediately begin the process of converting this white hardtop with blue interior to match my long-gone Anniversary hardtop. Most of it is simple: find a 289, convert the interior, and so on. But when the subject of paint came up, we thought we would be stuck. As luck would have it, our good friend Tony Popish at the Special Order Paint Registry faxed us a few Anniversary Gold Ditzler lacquer numbers he had researched throughout the years. We had the PPG Color Library cross these and sure enough, two of the numbers (23072 and 23073) came back as "'66 Mustang Anniversary Gold." The representative put us on hold while she checked to see if PPG had a color chip in its vault. No sooner had we figured out that PPG must have a huge vault in which to hold these color chips when she came back on the line and said "Yep, got it right here. Tell me what type of paint you're going to use and I will scan the chip and fax you a mix formula." After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said we would be using PPG's line of Deltron base/clear paints. Later that day, I had a mix formula for "'66 Mustang Anniversary Gold" sitting on our fax machine.

So now you know how we obtained this interesting color. If you're looking for some rare or hard-to-find color too, give the PPG Color Library or the Mustang Special Order Paint Registry a jingle; you'll be amazed at what you can unearth. Isn't technology great?

13-b This will shrink the metal slightly. Keep heating and cooling the metal until the oil-canning problem is gone.

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Tony Popish
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