Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 1, 2001

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With the interior complete, we trailered the Mach 1 over to Classic Auto Air in Tampa for the final air conditioning line assembly. We also had The Muffler and Exhaust Center in Lakeland, Florida, build us a temporary system so that we could test the A/C and engine and not go deaf.

While our system was sitting around in the months prior to assembly, some bonehead decided that the lines needed a kink in them. This is usually disastrous for these lines. Fortunately, ours are still holding their charge of 134A. Lloyd Malott gave us some tips on what to look for where these old hoses are concerned:

  • Check for discoloration at the kink. If the line is a brownish color, you could develop a leak.
  • Check original hoses for fraying. This could be a weak spot-especially with the higher line pressures of 134A.
  • Check for looseness/oil at the fittings. This could be a sign that the lines have been pulled and twisted.