Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 1, 2001

When the interior goes into your car, you know the end is near. You start pushing your work nights and weekend workdays. Grass goes uncut, household honey-dos stack up and are threatening to get you fired as significant other. But at last, you can see the end of the tunnel, and for once, the glow you see isn't the light of an oncoming train. Lazarus has finally reached that point. After months-and years-of work, we have finally reached the stage where the interior gets installed. Seats that sat complete in the attic for the last six years can now be assembled and placed in position. Carpet that was bought five years ago from John's Mustang as a Christmas gift can now be laid down. Seatbelts from Ssnake-Oyl can now be applied next to the CJ Pony Parts headliner and the carpet. And now that the dashpanel and engine have been installed, we can take a trip over to Tampa and have Classic Auto Air complete our A/C system.