Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2000

Detailing something that is going to be hidden under a car is one thing few people outside of our hobby understand. Several of my fellow editors at our other magazine titles looked at the funny paint splotches and markings and just shook their collective heads or muttered "Why?" to me. True, some semigloss black could have covered the entire housing in five minutes, and we would have been finished with it. But I couldn't do that. Even though this car will be driven a few times a week, I wanted to detail the differential housing as if it was going to be scrutinized by MCA judges. When the housing is completely detailed, it almost looks like a work of art. It is actually a canvas when you really think about it. That goes for engines, transmissions, steering boxes, and other items that get the detailing touch. While black-and-white images don't do justice here, we wanted to touch base on the detailing process for those following along. National Parts Depot came through with all the correct items that we would need for our new rear axle. With some technical assistance from MCA Gold Card Judge Jeff Speegle, our detailing chores went quite smoothly.