Jim Smart
September 1, 2000

Our resident technohead and technical editor Mark Houlahan is building a '66 Mustang hardtop for his personal enjoyment. It will be Anniversary Gold with a 289 V-8. Because Houlahan wanted his unusual steed to appear stock on the surface, using an 8-inch rear axle for the rolling stock was his only choice in the correctness department-it just made sense. When Houlahan called me and expressed his interest in a restified approach to his restoration, we talked about the rearend. We both agreed that the 8-inch differential doesn't get the credit it deserves for reliability. And for engines producing less than 350 hp, the 8-inch is a logical solution. What's more, an 8-inch was logical for Houlahan's hardtop.

When I called Ray Currie of Currie Enterprises, he had the solution for Houlahan's challenges. First, step up to a '67-and-up axle housing, shortened to the correct width for a '65-'66 Mustang. Second, grab a '67-and-up chunk and stuff it into the modified housing. And finally, fit the iron with a supersmooth limited-slip differential from Currie Enterprises. The folks at Currie make it easy because they can build a rearend to your specifications. They will also give you valuable advice along the way.

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