Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 1, 2000
Photos By: Chuck James
KS Reproduction offers these partial rear framerails for repairing the most commonly rusted areas around the trunk floors. Full framerails also are available.

Sheetmetal work is always a painstaking process for the do-it-yourselfer and I admit I am not much of a bodyman. Certain processes are interesting to watch but difficult to understand. Forget paint and bodywork. I'd rather build an engine, whip up a custom interior, or even detail out an engine compartment. But when it comes time to grab a Sawzall and cut out a chunk of a car, and then weld in a replacement panel, forget it. I'll be the first to wimp out and state I'm far from qualified. My welding work is good for making a bracket or two, or perhaps qualifying as some wild art form, but I couldn't do the work you are about to see. That's why we brought our '66 hardtop project car to Classic Creations of Central Florida.

Well, now that all our regular readers know my automotive inadequacies, we can discuss the project at hand this month. Frame-rails they sound real close to the word floorpans and are just as critical in a unibody-designed car such as the Mustang. Our hardtop needed most everything in the KS Reproduction catalog and even more metal from Goodmark Industries, as well as custom-formed sheetmetal patches. However, we wanted to get started with the most critical areas first, which encompass the rear framerails, floorpans, and rear quarters.

You will be seeing articles on all these areas in the upcoming months as the hardtop progresses, which is going nicely compared to our recently completed Project '68. We have many supporters to thank, including Classic Creations for its extensive help, support, and sarcastic commentary, as well as many vendors who have come forward with suggestions, help, and parts. What would be nice is to hear from you our valued readers as to this project's direction. What do you think of our direction and option choices? Would you do something different? Let us know and if we get enough answers, we can publish a poll and perhaps even take you up on one of your suggestions.