June 1, 2008

Owner: Christopher Dimon
Location: Southampton, NY
Vehicle: '66 Mustang Hardtop
Color: Black
Engine: 200 I-6/351W V-8
Length Of Ownership: 5 Months
Primary Use: Daily driver

Christopher Dimon is yet another young owner who has always wanted a Mustang, and definitely one built as a restomod. As many young owners have come to realize, early Mustangs are not the cheapest projects to purchase in order to make their dream come true.

This '66 coupe came to Christopher by way of chance. While working as a technician at a local Ford dealer, a coworker brought in his '66 Mustang and told Christopher he had to sell it quick. After a quick phone call to his wife to explain Christopher's lifelong dream of restoring a Mustang and finally having the opportunity present itself, she approved and he was the proud owner for a mere 500 bucks!

Within a week, Christopher had scored a 351W long-block (it was given to him), and everything began to fall into place. The coupe needs the floorpans replaced [hopefully this month's replacement story will help--Ed.], and he has some exterior rust repair to contend with. The '66 also needs a full interior. "As it stands now, the car runs and drives well," Christopher says. His plans for the restomod include adding fuel injection to his 351W engine swap, power four-wheel disc brakes, and a front suspension upgrade with rack-and-pinion steering.

It looks as though Christopher's luck has continued by winning the Yo Club sweepstakes this month, with a gift certificate from the company that knows restomods inside and out, Mustangs Plus.

Mustangs Plus
For being this month's YO Club winner, Christopher will receive a $400 gift certificate from Mustangs Plus. Mustangs Plus has been supplying and developing parts for Mustangs for over 25 years. While restoration has always been a part of the company's focus, Mustangs Plus has evolved into a one-stop restoration and performance shop, offering parts for street Mustangs, both restored and restomod, as well as road-racing machines. In fact, Mustangs Plus bills itself as "Restomod Headquarters" with a well-stocked line of fiberglass body panels (including Eleanor conversions), sound systems, power windows, steering wheels, tilt columns, EFI and five-speed conversion kits, rack-and-pinion steering, and aftermarket wheels.

For your copy of the latest catalog contact Mustangs Plus, Dept. MF, 2353 N. Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205; (209) 944-9977; www.mustangsplus.com.