Wayne Cook
November 1, 2007

When we last left our Dynacorn fastback project at Autoworks International, a new suspension from Revelation Racing Supply had just been installed ("Shell Game," Sept. '07). Both the front and rear suspension kits include disc brakes using PBR calipers. The coil-over front suspension and three-link rear were both bolt-on installations, giving our rolling shell state-of-the-art underpinnings. The bodywork began while the car was up on the lift as some smaller body panels were welded together. The rear valance panel was welded to the lower rear quarters, with additional work to be done in the body shop.

Although the Dynacorn Mustang replacement body shell arrived looking good in a coat of primer and ready for finishing, it was decided to have the body mediablasted. This procedure strips off the original primer so that a two-part primer can be applied, thus eliminating any variables and assuring product continuity during the painting process. If there are any problems with the paint down the line, there's no mystery component to consider.

The finishing work is already underway at the Autoworks body shop, with the last of the bodywork winding down. Special attention is paid to accurate panel fitment. Even though the new body is essentially pristine when it arrives, for this high-end show-car build, the panels require finish work prior to priming and painting. Expectations are high on this project-every panel must be smoothed to perfection and all door and fender gaps made uniform.

Once preparation is complete, the House of Kolor two-part KD2000 Direct to Metal Primer will be applied. There's still a lot of work to be done before that can happen, so let's take a look into the busy body shop and see what the crew is up to.

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