September 4, 2007

Owner: Miles Montague
Location: Brighton, IL
Vehicle: '70 Mustang SportsRoof
Color: White
Engine: 460ci V-8
Length Of Ownership: Just over 1 year
Primary Use: Currently undergoing body restoration

Miles Montague purchased this well-worn and abused '70 SportsRoof in June 2006 as a father-and-son project. Miles' father had owned a real '70 Boss 302 when he was but a teen himself, and this car's striping and body style brought back many memories for Miles' dad, who sold his Boss after owning it for just one year--a mistake he's never lived down. Miles wanted a Boss to call his own (who doesn't), but he knew with today's escalating musclecar prices he wouldn't be able to afford a real Boss Mustang even if he could find one, so he thought the purchase of this '70 SportsRoof project would be the next best thing.

To Miles, it's the best of all worlds, with classic Mustang looks, the Boss striping, and a Ford big-block underhood.

The Mustang was immediately taken down to metal for body repairs and restoration work. Miles says he could never pay someone to do the work for him, and it just wouldn't be the same as working on it himself and learning as he goes.

Sadly, Miles' father passed away this past January, and the SportsRoof project has taken on a whole new meaning. The Mustang restoration is no longer a hobby, but a tribute to his dad. Miles plans to paint it Grabber Orange--just like his father's Boss--and convert the standard interior to Deluxe. We hope to see the results of Miles' hard work in the future.

Fatman Fabrications
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Fatman's 25-plus years of hot-rod suspension design experience has led to a new G-Tech line of street- and track-tested suspension upgrades for classic Fords. A complete, new tubular suspension and power module replaces the unibody structure for the ultimate build, based on strut suspension and providing space for even the four-cam modular engines. More moderate builders can use their bolt-in strut suspension conversion for uncut bodies, and dropped spindles for stock suspensions as well.

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