Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2007
Photos By: David Stribling, Bob Roeder, Aaron Kester
With the mold seams ground down and the body scuffed, it's time for KR Performance and Restorations to start working its magic on panel alignment, panel filling, and some custom touches we requested.

It took quite a bit of organization, but our Factory Five Racing Cobra replica finally made its way to KR Performance and Restorations in Nebraska for paint and bodywork. It was no easy feat, with the use of a major transportation company, short-term storage at DVS Restorations, and another eight-hour trailer ride from DVS Restorations to KR Performance and Restorations. Now that our Roadster has arrived safely in Nebraska, it's time for KR's owners, Aaron Kester and Bob Roeder, to make our Roadster look its best.

The two men have their work cut out for them, as this is their first Factory Five body. It will be a bit of a learning experience, but they expressed much interest in the intricacies of the FFR body, and we had one in need of paint. It was Dave Stribling at DVS Restorations who put us in touch with Kester and Roeder at a trade show almost two years ago.

We've also enlisted the expertise of FFR bodyman extraordinaire, Dave Heidrich, from Worship One Customs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Also known as NCPainter on the forums, Heidrich graciously offered to share some of his best Cobra body-prep secrets with Kester and Roeder. With all these talented guys working together, we'll have a great-looking Roadster when the sanding dust settles.

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