Wayne Cook
July 17, 2007

For a long time, we've heard rumors about a new classic-Mustang body coming from Dynacorn Classic Bodies. Based in Oxnard, California, Dynacorn has over 20 years of manufacturing experience and is already famous for its '67 and '69 replacement Camaro-body offerings. Now Ford has issued its blessing, and the rumors have become fact as Dynacorn introduces its '67 Mustang Replacement Restoration Body Shell, PN MS67FB. This body is a beautiful replication of the original '67 Mustang fastback and a fitting tribute to that Ford-designed masterpiece.

Besides being a faithful copy of the original car, many significant improvements have been incorporated into the new body. Forty years of service has shown where reinforcement might best be applied to the original Mustang body, and Dynacorn has made these changes. Dynacorn engineers also elected to construct the new body with thicker-than-stock steel in many crucial areas, such as the floorpan, firewall, quarter-panels, and roof. Other improvements were based on parts designed by Ford but not employed specifically on the '67 Mustang fastback. For example, the new body has the seat pan of a '67 convertible and the shock towers of a '69 big-block car.

Dynacorn has taken all of the best ideas and incorporated them into one body shell. Combined, these structural improvements bolster the original design, paying off in improved strength and rigidity. For racers or cars with big engines, this structural enhancement is especially desirable. The body retails for $15,500, which includes the trunk lid and door shells, plus a $495 crate fee. The buyer pays shipping.

Autoworks International in El Cajon, California, is an up-and-coming leader in the high-performance classic-Ford world. That's why Dynacorn chose this company to receive one of the first Mustang replacement restoration bodies for this story. The Speed Channel television show Chop Cut Rebuild has also chosen Autoworks for the on-site production of its program, which will detail the buildup of the Autoworks/Dynacorn car.

Follow along as Matt Couper walks us around both the new body and then an original '67 Mustang fastback. We'll find out more about the new improvements and what they look like. In months to come, we'll look in on this interesting project to see how it's coming along. As soon as we know the production schedule for the episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild, we'll post that information on our Web site and in an upcoming issue.

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