Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 1, 2007

Our Smeding 427 Windsor has been sitting in the corner of the Mustang & Fords shop as we gathered all of the ancillary items to properly dress the engine, mate it to the Tremec transmission, and drop the whole enchilada into our FFR Roadster. Thankfully that time has finally come. With our Roadster project finally becoming a "roller" two months ago and our fuel system in place last month, it was our desire to hear all 427 cubes bark an exhaust note from the Roadster's sidepipes before the end of the month.

We've come a long way since February 2006. From a bare frame on jackstands to a rolling chassis with a full drivetrain that starts and runs, we've been busy over the many weekends we've spent in the garage. If it wasn't for a driveshaft and some brake lines, the Roadster could actually move under its own power and stop, too. But we'll get there soon enough. There's still a lot of wiring to figure out, then install the body for fitment of exterior items, and send everything off for bodywork and paint. Our deadline is coming up fast, but we're doing our best to keep it.

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