January 3, 2007

Joshua first sent us a photo of his '68 Mustang coupe photographed in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and the car in primer gray. When we notified him that he had won our YO Club contest, we asked for another picture, something with more sun and possibly taken in the spring. What a difference a few months make, huh? Joshua's coupe is now looking sharper than ever with a fresh coat of red paint, and he's been busy with his father getting the 289 singing a sweet tone with a new carburetor, headers, starter, ignition, and more. He has also replaced all the chrome and added a full interior kit to really make his little coupe shine. It's been five years of work, but Joshua now has a ride to be proud of, and we bet the $400 gift certificate from K.A.R. Auto Group will only make his ride that much nicer.

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