Jim Smart
April 1, 2006
Photos By: Mark Houlahan, Donald Farr, Manufacturers
Jon Barrett Hot Rod Engines provided Classic Creations with this 514ci stroker kit for 385-series 429/460ci big-blocks. Included in this kit are a nodular-iron 4.150-inch stroke crank, cap-screw forged I-beam rods, forged flat-top pistons, Total Seal piston rings, and Clevite 77 main and rod bearings. Pistons are available in standard and various oversizes up to .060-inch.

Build For Power
It is truly incredible how much power we're able to achieve from a given amount of displacement today. These great power gains come from better cylinder head and camshaft technology, and stuffing more displacement into the blocks we've been playing with for four decades. Stroker kits have enabled us to pump big-block displacement into lightweight small-blocks. Just imagine, a 347ci powerhouse based on the 289 or 302, or a 427ci based on the 351W.

With all of this stroker logic in mind, what does this approach do for the 429/460ci 385-series fat-block? We can grow small-blocks as high as 429ci. However, did you know you can huff as much as 600 ci into the 429/460 block? You can with a variety of forged- and nodular-iron stroker kits in the marketplace. To keep things conservative, Jon Barrett Hot Rod Engines errs on the side of reliability. We want a big-block that's going to live to fight another day. We're pumping the cubes to 514 ci with a 4340 steel stroker kit.