Pete Epple Technical Editor
March 30, 2012

We made a back-up about 40 minutes later and ran 9.880 at 139.49. On this run we tried to launch harder and had a lightly better short time (1.455), but the humidity rose to 43 percent and the baro was dropping (30.04), hence the slower e.t.

Our entire staff was excited with the improvement, and we now contemplated our next move. We could gut it and go for the 8s, tweak what we have and try to improve our times, or simply leave it alone.

Considering that we've now busted in the 9s, we need a certified roll cage and a few other items to make our car legal to race. This is something you'll be seeing in the coming months. And of course we want to go quicker, so more mods are in store.

We're pretty sure our converter is on the tight side, so look for us to do a converter swap and then more gear and a built rear. Who knows after that, so stay tuned as we push the limits of the new 5.0L deep in the 9s.