Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
March 30, 2011
Contributers: Marc Christ Photos By: Marc Christ, Courtesy Of TCI Automotive

The last (and most versatile) element of the 6X is its fully electronic operation. Coupled with TCI's EZ-TCU, the 6X is capable of two modes-Performance and Economy-each of which is infinitely tunable to set shift pressures, shift firmness, and shift speed. You don't need a laptop, special software, or tuning experience either. The EZ-TCU is an out-of-the-box controller designed by TCI's sister company, Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST). FAST is well known and respected in the performance world as a leader in control module technology, and you can expect the same level of quality and craftsmanship in the EZ-TCU. The handheld controller stays in the passenger compartment with the driver or passenger, enabling real-time calibrations on the chassis dyno, track, or street.

All of this doesn't come without some sacrifice, though. Besides its healthy price tag (PN 271601; $5,083), this GM-based transmission doesn't just slip right into your fast Ford's trans tunnel. We had to recruit Pro Fab Performance to custom-build a transmission crossmember. We also had a problem with the collectors hitting the transmission pan-we're using long-tubes with big 2-inch primaries. Finally, we contracted Axle Exchange to build us a custom driveshaft. Overall, these aren't huge concerns but if you just want plug-and-play, this isn't the trans for you.

This month, follow along to see some of the internal components that make up the 6X. We'll also show you some of the accessories we chose, and explain how they are going to help propel our coupe to 9-second e.t.'s, all while maintaining trouble-free driveability.

Next month, we'll put the finishing touches on Project Repeat Offender and get it on the chassis dyno. We're going to install the cooling and ignition systems, mount our custom driveshaft and trans mount, and install some new gauges. Then we'll show you how to tune the 6X on our Dynojet chassis dyno before taking the Offender on its maiden street voyage.

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