Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
February 8, 2011
Contributers: Marc Christ Photos By: Justin Cesler, Christ Cesler

If you've been following our True Street project, Repeat Offender, then you probably know that last month we shored up the front suspension with a tubular K-member, and put the LX coupe on the straight and narrow with a lightweight manual rack and pinion from Flaming River. This month, we turn to the interior of the '85 notch, and set up the tan interior with an Auto Custom Carpets rug, Corbeau seating, and a trick sheetmetal rear-seat delete from Scott Rod Fabrications.

When we first picked up Repeat Offender, it's rather unique exterior appearance was equaled by late-model Fox-body high-back seats that had been custom-upholstered in tan "pleather" with black piping. Although comfortable, they were visually challenging, for sure. The carpet was relatively clean but an odd shade of tan. On closer inspection, we discovered someone actually installed an orange rug and painted it tan.

Since this is more or less a max-effort street/strip project, we sold off the back seat with the front seats, and opted for a lightweight rear-seat delete. As we are required to run a rear battery cutoff switch (due to the intended e.t. and NHRA rules), we're forced to run the battery in the back of the car, and when you do that, you need a proper firewall between you and the battery.

With these challenges ahead, you can follow along as we give Repeat Offender some interior upgrades.

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