Pete Epple Technical Editor
December 1, 2009

With the new pinion installed, Frith installed the Truetrac, along with the new bearings, and began to set backlash. Once backlash was set at 0.009 inch, some paint was applied to the teeth on the gears to ensure they mesh properly.

When everything was in its proper location, Jones shifted his attention to the new Yukon axles. The 31-spline Yukon axles offer a massive strength improvement over the stock shafts. Before sliding our new shafts into place, Jones pressed the new ABS rings into place and installed the 3-inch Racing Wheel Studs from Steeda Autosports.

With our rearend fortified, the last thing to do was bolt on the new differential cover and fill the rearend with fluid. Fore Precision Works sent us its Solid Rear Axle differential cover. The solid billet construction adds a ton of strength over the stock cover, and the preload bolts help prevent deflection of the main caps under heavy acceleration.

After buttoning up the rearend, the guys at BBR switched their attention to the engine. supplied us with a set of stainless steel long-tube headers and an X-style midpipe with high-flow cats from SLP. These aluminum-ceramic-coated headers use 1 3/4-inch primaries and venturi-style velocity collectors to optimize exhaust flow.

The next addition was the SLP X-style midpipe assembly. Exhaust flows into the high-flow catalytic converters and X-style midpipe, before exiting through the existing Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system.

With the work on the underside of the Mach 1 finished, Jones and Frith lowered the lift and began working under the hood. Being that we purchased our Mach 1 with over 85,000 miles on the clock, a full tune-up was in order, and AmericanMuscle sent us everything we needed for our Mach.

We started by draining all of the fluids and added Royal Purple 5W-20 synthetic oil and a K&N oil filter to ensure the moving parts stay lubricated. Next we removed the stock coils and spark plugs, and replaced them with ZEX Power Tune plugs, which are designed for naturally aspirated applications. We also added 4V Pro Series coils from Granatelli Motor Sports to handle our spark needs.

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