Michael Galimi
May 1, 2009

Lutton continued to inform us of the virtues of the MMR 850 engine. "These short-blocks love nitrous and the bottom end was built for the abuse. These engines on pump gas will make between 360 and 380 at the rear wheels and over 400 rwhp on a little bit of 100 octane." That is more than enough for Miele's street machine, and we estimate times on the drag strip to be in the low 12/high 11-second zone in drag trim (slicks and skinnies).

The engine is currently making its way across this great nation and to Radical Racing. Once there, we plan on getting the old engine out and the new one installed as quickly as possible. That way Miele can log some street miles and we can workout the kinks on Radical Racing's chassis dyno.