Frank H. Cicerale
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Motor City Auto Body

The only other hiccup in this project's metamorphosis involved the exhaust system. Since Ice Box is equipped with subframe connectors, when it came time to link up the side-exit exhaust system, the Roush mufflers wouldn't fit in the desired location underneath the car. To remedy that, we had a local muffler shop create new pipes and relocate the mufflers to get everything to fit. When all was said and done, the car sounded aggressive, but not annoyingly so.

Overall, swapping Ice Box over from the Cervini's kit to the Roush kit was relatively easy. Once we mounted the Nitto tires on the new Roush wheels, the package was complete, though a front license-plate mount, a new running-pony emblem, and maybe a billet grille are in the works to finish everything off. How often can you put a car into paint jail and get it back in a respectable amount of time? We were quite happy with the results, and we can't wait to hit the road and find out what passersby think.

The Final Tally
We Added a few additional parts and pieces to our list since Part 1. Keep in mind this is the cost of the parts only. Labor on a job such as this and the appropriate amount of paint needed depends on the shop chosen and the brand of paint used. Included with the following list is everything we needed to transform Project Ice Box to Roush status.

Roush body kit 
(front fascia kit, left/right side skirts,$865.75
skirts, left/right rear valance, 
wing with pedestals, and
all mounting hardware)
PN SM01-1K001-AA
Roush chrome 18-inch rims$595.70
18x9 PN SM03-22232-SAC 
18x10 PN SM03-22243-SAC
Roush side-exit exhaust$936.00
PN SM01-4K000-V8 
American Muscle Smoked Headlights
w/Clear Corners (PN 42000)$199.99
American Muscle HID Dual-Beam 
Headlight Conversion Kit
w/9007 Bulb (PN 22002)$279.99

Words From Above
We sat down with Project Ice Box's caretaker, Editorial Director Jim Campisano, for his take on the Pony's makeover.

"The Roush exhaust is definitely quieter at an idle, but a bit more rambunctious at speed," Campy says. "On the highway up to 65-70 mph, it's a little bit loud, though it cleans up the faster you go. Stand on the throttle, and it sounds just like Greg Biffle's Cup car. I like that, but who wouldn't?

"As far as looks go, we've always loved the Stalker kit from Cervini's, and I think its design held up well over the years. It fits the New Edge Mustang body great. But magazine project cars are always evolving, and it was time for Ice Box to change. The Roush body kit is equally exciting, and you almost never see a real Stage 2 or 3 Roush Mustang on the street, so you won't see yourself coming and going. The front air dam is bold, as is the rear wing, but the sidepipes not only tie everything together, they make the car stand out.

"Overall, the new paint from Motor City Auto Body is brilliant, and the chrome Roush wheels and smoked headlights complete the package."