Frank H. Cicerale
August 1, 2008
We Couldn't install a Roush body kit and not run Roush wheels. Thanks to salt and other things taking their toll on the finish of Icebox's shoes, we nabbed a set of chrome, Roush-etched 18-inch rims. Stay tuned as we put all of the components on and recoat Ice Box's flanks with vibrant white paint.

The only possible hang-ups revolved around the rear wing and the rear valances. The rear wing requires some work mounting it to the stock trunk lid in place of the Stalker wing. The bigger problem surrounds the rear bumper, or the lack thereof, for that matter. The rear valances install on the bottom of the factory bumper, which has long since disappeared from Ice Box. Luckily, we were able to source a rear bumper.

Once the new body components were fitted, they were sanded and primed to take out any blemishes and problems on the surface. By the time our deadline hit, Ice Box was ready to roll into the paint booth. The plans call for a respray of the entire car in a vibrant white, with the tops of the hoodscoops being shot in a graphite grey. Throw in the new body components and shiny new rims, and Ice Box will look quite stately.

Check back next month as we close the deal on our beloved Mustang's metamorphosis. We'll detail the application of the paint and everything that goes into making the car one slick-looking piece of machinery.

A New Set Of Bolt-OnsWhile The ultimate price of any sort of bodywork lies in the amount of labor put in and the condition of the car when you drop it off, the least we can do is give you the 411 on the cost of the parts from Roush. Included with the following list is everything needed to transform Project Ice Box to Roush status.

Roush body kit
(front fascia kit, left/right side skirts,
skirts, left/right rear valance,
wing with pedestals and
all mounting hardware)
PN SM01-1K001-AA
Roush chrome 18-inch rims
18x9 PN SM03-22232-SAC
18x10 PN SM03-22243-SAC
Roush side-exit exhaust
PN SM01-4K000-V8