Frank H. Cicerale
November 1, 2007

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All These Bills!
Every time we open our mailbox, we find more bills. To slow down a future foray into Chapter 11, we're keeping tabs on our expenditures for Project MILF. Remember, this tally includes prices for parts only. In addition, the prices for the tires and wheels are the front two and the rear two combined. To find the individual cost of each wheel and tire, take the price listed and divide by two. The original cost of the car and labor rates are not included as there are variables to both figures.
Part Manufacturer Part No. Price
Handling Pack FRPP {{{M}}}-2005-FR3 $1,299.00
Super Pack FRPP M-6066-M463V $4,899.00
Billet Oil Fill Cap FRPP M-6766-MP46 $44.00
Valve Covers FRPP M-6582-3VBLK $269.00
1 3/4-in Long-Tube Headers Stainless Works M05H175 $1,542.40
3-in After-Cat Exhaust System Stainless Works M05CB3 $880.{{{90}}}
4.10 Gearset FRPP M-4209-G410 $225.00
Rearend Girdle FRPP M-4033-G2 $199.00
75W90 Rearend Fluid Royal Purple RPO-RP01300* $21.90
XCalibrator2 Programmer SCT 946-9415A* $379.99
48-lb Injectors FRPP M-9593-G302 $499.00
Big-Boost Kit FRPP M-9066-M11 $2,099.99
1-gal Motorcraft Engine Coolant Downs {{{Ford}}} VC-7 $14.50
Nitto NT555 Extreme Tires 255/35ZR-20 Discount Tire Direct 40184 $286.00
Nitto NT555 Extreme Tires 275/35ZR-20 Discount Tire Direct 40211 $570.00
MB Drifter 20x8.5 Wheels 45mm Offset Discount Tire Direct 61387 $340.00
MB Drifter 20x10 Wheels 50mm Offset Discount Tire Direct 61389 $450.00
Wheel Install Kit Discount Tire Direct 80300 $45.00
AP Racing Front Six-Piston Brake Kit Stillen AP4100 $3,095.75
Tire Mount and Balance B-C Tire Service NA $181.90
Total: $17,342.34
*Priced though {{{Summit}}} Racing Equipment (