Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 1, 2007

Prior to selling the car, Xenos started to hide the major wiring harnesses inside the fenders, and we had planned to finish that task. Several trips to the parts store later for wiring, connectors, and a plastic loom, and we finished everything but the O2 sensor harness. That didn't stop us from firing this bad boy up, however, and we were extremely pleased with the engine's response and sound. We did hear some valvetrain noise from the passenger-side valve cover and had to grind down the baffle bosses for rocker-arm clearance, but other than that, everything looked and sounded perfect. We've even put up a short video of Stolen Goods on our Web site,, for you to enjoy.

The one thing we haven't done yet is fill the brake fluid and bleed the brakes, as we discovered we have the wrong fittings for the rear brake lines. Obviously, we haven't track-tested the car yet or even put it on the dyno, but we promise to have all that and more for you next month as we take to the road in Stolen Goods.