Frank H. Cicerale
September 1, 2007

Still Counting Dollars
We're keeping tabs on how much money we put into Project MILF. After all, we can't blow our whole paycheck on car parts. Keep in mind that this tally includes prices for parts only. The original cost of the car and labor rates are not included as there are variables to both figures.

Handling Pack FRPP M-2005-FR3 $1,299.00
Super Pack FRPP M-6066-M463V $4,899.00
Billet Oil Fill Cap FRPP M-6766-MP46 $44.00
Valve Covers FRPP M-6582-3VBLK $269.00
131/44-inch Long- Stainless Works M05H175 $1,542.40
Tube Headers
3-in After-Cat
Stainless Works M05CB3 $880.90
Exhaust System
4.10 Gearset
FRPP M-4209-G410 $225.00
Rearend Girdle FRPP M-4033-G2 $199.00
75W90 Rearend Fluid Royal Purple RPO-RP01300* $21.90
XCalibrator2 Programmer SCT 946-9415A** $379.99
Total: $9,760.19
*Priced though Summit Racing Equipment (**Priced through Jegs Mail Order (

On the Clock
After our last foray to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, we were able to discern how much the headers and exhaust were worth on Project MILF. For this installment, it's hard to discern how much the gears alone were worth due to the fact that we could not just recalibrate the computer for the gears with the FRPP-supplied tune. We had to create a custom tune for the car, obviously taking into account the new gears. In the end, though, it was worth it as Project MILF screamed to a new best. In the following chart, the first number is the difference from the previous modification, while the second number is the difference from the baseline. Can you say 11s?

BASELINE RUN 13.529/{{{100}}}.11
FRPP Super Pack 12.661/107.73 -0.868/NA +7.{{{62}}}/NA
Stainless Works
Long-Tube Headers
and After-cat Exhaust
12.476/110.00 -0.185/-1.053 +2.27/+9.89
4.10 Gears,
Custom Tune
12.{{{200}}}/114.97 -0.276/-1.346 +4.97/+14.86