Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
August 1, 2007

With the induction sorted out, we needed some ignition components, and for those we called Performance Distributors in Memphis, Tennessee. Proprietor Steve Davis was just releasing his new Ford distributor, which is equipped with a full-length oil impregnated bushing for improved shaft rotation and magnetic pick-up coil signals. "The new full-length bushing replaces the weak upper bushing that is standard on these units," Davis says. "This provides increased durability and more accurate timing signals in the higher rpm."

The Boss is back and cast right into every block that goes out the door.

The Performance Distributors unit uses Motorcraft distributor housings, which can be powdercoated in Ford Blue or left natural. This is a drop-in OEM replacement distributor for '86-'95 Mustangs, so no modifications need to be made to stock wiring. Supporting the distributor is one of PD's Screamin' Demon coils (PN 31724; $69.95) and a set of Livewire spark plug wires (PN C9057; $105.00).

Keeping the Boss cool will be the responsibility of Meziere Enterprises' electric water pump. We went with the WP312 pump as it features a freewheeling idler pulley to allow us to use the factory serpentine belt setup. This would be one less issue to sort out.

The Meziere electric water pump cuts parasitic drag, and the company claims to have seen gains of up to 11.3 hp. We obviously can't test this without a baseline, but we definitely agree with their thinking. The pump comes in black, blue, red, and natural finishes, as well as polished or chrome-plated and is covered by a two-year unlimited-mileage warranty.

The one-piece main body is CNC-machined, and the pump includes inlet, heater, and bypass fittings; it's a top-of-the-line piece that sells for around $490. We also had Meziere send us one of its aluminum thermostat necks for the 5.0 engine (PN WN0023).