Jack Ryan
July 1, 2007

Mustang Racing Technologies' Bullitt Reloaded project has generous 315/30x18 Pirelli rear skin-apparently still not enough to contain the enthusiasm of the car's new Novi 2000 centrifugal, with charge-cooler. The black Bullitt will now serve as owner, Scott Hoag's, daily good-weather driver, make occasional show appearances, and visit both dragstrip and road- course from time to time. Not bad for what started as a stolen and stripped write-off once destined for the recycling bin.

Way back in our February '06 issue, we began the saga of Mustang Racing Technologies' (MRT's) reloading of a thoroughly spent Bullitt Mustang (No. 1,118 of 5,582.) Its rearming started, quite literally, from the ground up, with the first order of business being to provide the previously stolen and stripped Bullitt a new short-block, and an upgraded suspension and braking system. Scott Hoag, the head honcho at MRT took on this mission of automotive mercy because, as former Mustang customization manager at Ford Motor Company, and therefore one of the corporate enthusiasts who spear-headed the whole Bullitt program, he just "couldn't let one of his kids die that way" and so he rescued the written-off No.1,118 from the uncaring jaws of the crusher.

In case you missed Part 1, the project began with a non-running shell that had to be shuffled about with a forklift. We showed up after the new engine and a complete 8.8-inch axle assembly with 3.55 gears had been fitted. We then proceeded to watch as, in one night's marathon session, the MRT crew raided the boss' parts catalog and installed Kenny Brown's ultrarigid chassis support system, Tokico nonadjustable struts and shocks similar in damping specification to what the company made for the factory Bullitt, H&R progressive-rate springs, and adjustable-perch rear lower control arms from J&M. The MRT/SSBC Tri-Power brakes combine 13x1.25-inch grooved front rotors with aluminum three-piston calipers, and also have 12x1-inch rear rotors and calipers with integrated parking brake hardware. Astride a temporarily fitted T45 tranny (a T56 is in the works), the guys then strapped on MRT's stainless 2.5-inch cat-equipped H-pipe (Scott hates those other x-shaped things, preferring the unhindered bass of the H-pipe), hooked to an after-cat system of equal diameter, except for the 3.5-inch brushed-stainless tips. For the retro-musclecar look, Hoag ordered from Wheel Replicas a set of decidedly Bullitt-ish, black-spoked rims in 17x8 front and 18x10 rear dimensions, and wrapped them in 255/40 and 315/30 Pirelli Corsa rubber.