December 22, 2006

Project Name: Procharged Pony
Car: '90 Mustang GT
Timeline: April 2003-Present
Goal: Testbed for various performance parts.
Result: 580 hp street car that still knocks down 19 mpg.
Grade: B
Best Performance: 11.43/124 mph
Biggest Mistake: Though the D.S.S. Level 20 stock block won't bat an eyelash at our current power level, an aftermarket block would have allowed us to tinker with boost and other performance-adding parts. Question is, do we need more power in a street car?
Best move: A toss-up between the ATI ProCharger and the Ford Racing four-wheel Cobra R disc brake conversion. Both made hugely noticeable improvements.

Let it be known that this car actually belongs to your author's wife, who has let him modify a perfectly good 5-liter Stang into a high-performance, high-maintenance project car. Yes, your author has pretty much assumed ownership, but the wife still drives it on occasion, at least when it's not laid up for some stupid reason. The '90 GT will burn rubber through the first four gears and pass emissions in New Jersey. Now that we have a sturdy 8.8 beneath it, we need to see how fast the supercharged 331 D.S.S. stroker will go, so stay tuned for more on this ride.