November 3, 2006

Project Name: The Fridge
Truck: '99 SVT F-150 Lightning
Timeline: September 2000-Present
Goal: To continually modify a '99 Lightning using typical aftermarket parts. First true goal was to run 12s, then 11s using the stock engine and blower, then to run 10s with a rebuilt engine.
Result: We hit the 11s with the stock engine and blower, and hit the 10s with a built motor.
Grade: A+
Best performance: 10.999/120 mph
Biggest Mistake: Leaving the stock engine internals on the quarter-mile at E-town after a fuel relay failed.
Best Move: Installing a JDM Engineering engine with a Magnum Powers supercharger and the Level 10 transmission.

Using many aftermarket suppliers, MM&FF built a reliable, daily-driven Lightning that runs 10s. It still uses the factory A/C and has all the creature comforts, as well as the Level 10 transmission that was built in 2000. The Fridge is one of only a few Lightnings to have run in the 10s without the use of a KB blower and/or nitrous oxide.