November 1, 2006

Project Name: Superfly, Destroyer Of Hideous Camaros
Car: '97 SVT Mustang Cobra
Timeline: September 1997-Present
Goal: Emissions-legal, 11-second e.t.'s on motor; do-it-all daily driver; learn what makes 4.6 Four-Valve V-8 tick.
Result: Best E.T.: 11.95/114.03 mph; passes emissions anywhere; runs on pump gas; compliant suspension.
Grade: A+
Best Performance: Ran 11s at our shootout, then a week later was going 142 mph at Watkins Glen with only a tire swap.
Biggest Mistake: Trying to go 11s on a road-race-inspired suspension.
Best Move: Six-speed swap, Dave Jack-prepped heads, Paul's High Performance-modified intake.

Editor Campy's first-ever new car broke a lot of ground in Four-Valve Mustang performance (it also broke a lot of stock parts). Now with 30 more horses, we know we can significantly lower that 11.95 e.t.