November 3, 2006

Project Name: Stocker
Car: '87 Mustang LX
Timeline: July 1995-Present
Goal: To be competitive in NHRA Stock Eliminator competition and set the NHRA national record for the class.
Result: 10 NHRA national records and won class eliminations 13 times. Stocker currently holds the E/FI record at 11.35/116 mph.
Grade: A+
Best performance: 11.08/118 mph (3,050 lbs) and 11.18/117 at 3,190 lbs (legal weight for E/FI). Best 60-foot is a 1.45.
Biggest mistake: Running wearable parts like a clutch disc and valvesprings too long. Second biggest mistake is having sloppy wiring (which has now been fixed).
Best move: Working with quality companies and people like Kuntz & Co., Jim LaRocca, Ryder, and G-Force Transmissions.

MM&FF Editor Evan Smith has owned Stocker since it was three months old. He drove it nearly every day on the street from December 1987 to the summer of 1995. It had been stolen twice (while he was in college), and was turned into a Cobra clone in 1997. It is currently the longest-running MM&FF project car.