November 3, 2006

Project Name: Hot Handler
Car: '87 Mustang LX
Timeline: June 2002-July 2003
Goal: To build a low-buck 5.0 LX for use on the strip, street, and at open-track road course events.
Result: Car was completed and ran well. The 302 was rebuilt with the Summit Racing engine kit, including forged pistons, AFR 165 heads, E303 cam, and GT-40 intake. This combination made 286 hp at the wheels and 320 lb-ft of torque. It doesn't sound like much, but it was a blast on the street and track. The HP Motorsports suspension also worked great, as the LX had great handling.
Grade: B-
Best performance: Never got tested properly.
Biggest mistake: Removing the power steering once the pump failed
Best move: Selecting the parts we did for the engine rebuild because the combination worked great and we got the results we expected.

Proving again you don't have to spend a ton of dough to have fun with a 5.0 Mustang.