Steve Temple
September 20, 2006
Photos By: Matt Carlson

Step By Step

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Mmfp_0610_13z 2005_ford_mustang_convertible Tailight_lit_upMmfp_0610_14z 2005_ford_mustang_convertible Trunk_trim
Remove liner from trunk along with the factory taillights.
Mmfp_0610_15z 2005_ford_mustang_convertible Tailight_wires
Add sequential turn signal switch to factory taillights, and reinstall lights in stock mounting location.

Tail Treatment
With the right performance mods, your Mustang will be seen mostly from its tail end as it dusts the competition. With CDC's sequential directional signals and a center trim panel, your Stang will look distinctive from both ends.

To give your rapid exit a dramatic departure, try these tricked-out taillights. Called the Dynamite Sticks Sequential System, it features a simple installation with no splicing and no harness, and creates high-tech lighting for your car's rear end. This advanced engineered system uses Ford OEM connectors with a preprogrammed microprocessor that controls timing for optimum performance. It comes standard with reverse-circuit protection and voltage regulation, and is sealed to protect the electronics from moisture.

In addition, CDC offers a tailpanel trim piece for the '05-'06 Mustang. This component combines heritage styling with factory-quality technology in an ABS panel that finishes out the style of the rear end and requires no drilling, no paint, and eliminates the simulated gas cap.