Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
January 22, 2007

We had originally ordered our ProCharger with a vertical-mount, three-core intercooler but decided to change that during the installation. We liked the idea of hiding the intercooler in the front fascia, and the fact it'd be out of the way. However, it required quite a bit of trimming to both the bumper support and the headlight support that the owner did not approve of, so we simply exchanged it for a horizontally mounted unit.

These are in fact, more efficient than the front-mounted pieces, but they reside rather low to the ground. We measured 3.5 inches of clearance with the stock suspension, so if you have lowered your car, you may want to consider this. We've put over 200 miles on it since installation and the only time we scraped it was coming out of some steep driveways (we forgot it was down there). On the highway, it was subjected to some pretty good shots from our strafed and pothole-ridden New Jersey interstates, but never touched the pavement.