Jim Smart
September 17, 2012

Two FEs--One Polygraph Room

Sister Block 2 with 4.155-inches of stroke, an 830-cfm Holley, and an aggressive Comp Cams roller mechanical cam delivered 131 more horsepower and 105 more lb-ft of torque. Like Block 1, Jim and Jeff took what they knew worked and applied it to the 482 to get the 641 hp and 608 lb-ft of torque. There are always ways to make more power--more cam, a larger carb, advanced timing, richer jetting, and bigger heads--but you also want durability from your FE or all the power in the world won't make any difference. It's always a compromise between power and durability--an engine that will finish the race. Stroking the large-bore 427 to 482 ci gives this mill deep lungs and more torque. This is what 4.155 inches of stroke from a Crower billet crank will do for the 427 block. Here's what's inside.

Crower steel billet crank95191C
Manley steel H-beam rods14072-8
ARP 2000 rod bolts
Comp Cams custom roller camshaft33-000-9
Comp Cams roller mechanical lifters839-16
Comp Cams push rods8470-16
Comp Cams valvesprings927-16
Melling high-volume oil pumpM-57HV
ARP oil pump shaft154-7902
C5AE-H experimental aluminum heads 2.18-/1.72-inch Intake/exhaust)
T&D rocker shaft assembly7021
Mallory distributor Pertronix Ignitor conversionML-181
Holley HP, 830-cfm carburetor0-80509-1
1-Inch carb spacerR9136

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18 JGM Performance Engineering runs 30-weight Joe Gibbs BR30 break-in oil on all dyno tests. BR30 has the right additives for streamlined break-in including flat-tappet cams.