January 1, 2009

Yo Club Winner
Owner: Shane Henley
Location: Douglassville, PA
Vehicle: '67 Mustang fastback
Engine: 289ci V-8 four-barrel
Length of Ownership: 5 years
Primary Use: Occasional driver/show car

Our Young Owners Club award this time out goes to Shane Henley of Douglassville, Pennsylvania, who owns this gorgeous red '67 Mustang fastback. "I've owned this car for about five years," Shane says. "My dad and I went on a business trip to Arizona and we found this car for sale. It was in a garage, and when the seller lifted the garage door and I first laid eyes on it, I knew it would be mine."

The fastback was a bit rough, but it was complete with its original 289, four-barrel carb, and four-speed. Best of all, it was a rust-free, original GT car. Although Shane was 12 years old at the time, he and his dad brought the car back east and got to work on it. "Now it has a worked engine with 351 heads and a cam. We've done the whole driveline and rebuilt the suspension. It drives great-all it needs is the cosmetics, mainly a good coat of paint."

Shane loves the looks of the Shelby GT350, so while he gets ready to paint the body, he'll be adding the necessary pieces to convert his car into a GT350 clone. "I've already got some of the parts on it, like the quarter window scoops and ducktail spoiler." Shane is the first to admit that old cars take a lot of work to fix up, but the results are very much worth it. Once the car is done, besides driving it on the street and taking it to shows, he's toying with the idea of going vintage road racing. Sounds great, Shane-seems like you're going to have lots of fun.

The Tire Rack
Almost 30 years ago, in 1979, Mike Joines went shopping for tires for his car. Not having much success getting the exact tires he wanted, the enterprising young lad thought it would be a great idea if somebody could actually stock a few samples of each brand of tire and sell them via mail order. He approached his father-in-law, Peter Veldman, with the idea, but Veldman thought he was out of his mind. Instead, the two of them decided to open a tire store. However, as time passed, both came to realize that the mail-order concept was a sound one, so the store was closed and Joines and Veldman decided to sell their tires exclusively via mail-order. That business mushroomed into a huge company-The Tire Rack.

In the '90s The Tire Rack was one of the very first companies to embrace e-commerce on a large scale, and today online orders represent approximately half of The Tire Rack's total business, which accounts for around 2 million tires sold each year. The success of The Tire Rack comes down to a very strong emphasis on quality customer service and rapid delivery. The Tire Rack also boasts a nationwide list of approved installation facilities for its customers. If the end user so wishes, he or she can have the tires delivered to his or her door or preferred repair shop. Today approximately 1 in every 100 people in the U.S. orders their tires through The Tire Rack. The company has also expanded its portfolio to include items such as wheels, brakes, suspension parts, and even air intake systems. For more information, visit www.tirerack.com or call (888) 541-1777.